Friday, April 24, 2020

Celebrating In A New Way Mother's Day

With all the things that are happening and changing in our lives since the problem of the virus, we have noticed people are finding nice ways to share beautiful moments between friends and families.

We can see fun videos with parents dancing with their sons, and daughters.
Also, we can see sweet videos with fathers singing with their daughters or sons or couple of twins playing a musical instrument. We can see groups of people connecting in teleconferences playing music and singing together.

People are meeting via social media or apps like Zoom, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. This is happening all over the world. 🌎

All these activities online can inspire families to celebrate MOTHER with a special online connection this next Mother's Day.
These activities could include a sweet video or a fun one, could be a Zoom meeting or a Skype one, a FaceTime call, etc.

Really, we have nice tools to stay connected online that Special Day, including sending our 🎁
by delivery. There is no limit to make our dear MOTHERS happy.

Of course, the luckiest families would be those who are living with their dear MOTHERS right now.

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Friday, April 10, 2020


Suddenly our lives have turned very different without warning. Now all our daily routines have had to change because of a virus. Now we need to stay at home all the time with the members of our dear family or even alone with our lovely pet if we have one.

Although this new situation could be stressful or negative. we still can find the positive side in all of this and begin to pay attention to things that we weren't doing because we hadn't 
"enough time"

Maybe now we can read a new book, take a course online have enjoyable long talks with our loved ones, do exercises like yoga, walking, riding a bicycle, jogging, or go online to find casual outfits to look relaxed and great inside the house.

New activities and a new look can change any negative situation to a positive one - especially if we can share them with the people close to us, looking great and being positive about the present and the future can make a great difference to others and to ourselves.

So let's use the power of our thoughts and our new activities to make a difference and send good vibrations to others no matter what!

With that being said, we want to share with you, our New "outfits ideas" in the video below. You can check them clicking to the logo of our blog on the right side of this page and visit our store.

Meanwhile please stay safe & practice social distance💖🌸

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Amazing Restored Patio Furnitures

Many times it is incredible what you can accomplish using a little paint on old furniture.

That happened to me when I saw for the first time this table and chairs in the backyard of my new house. I remember that my husband told me to let's throw out this furniture and buy new ones. I told him "No way," I think they have a lot of potentials. All I need to do is remove the oxidation, buy some spray paint and purchase some beautiful cushions, and the furniture will look totally different and great.

Well, kindly my husband helped me remove the oxidation, and after that in the garage of our house, we proceeded to spray all of them. I finished the project spraying them three times. Then I went to the internet and found the cushions in beautiful colors.

The results? Click the photo below and you will see!

Sunday, April 5, 2020


Yes, the times are changing but not necessary for the bad only.

Now we can spend more quality time at home with our families, we can read nice books, we can watch movies on TV, we can still take walks and ride bicycles of course maintaining the respective "social distance"

Also, we can navigate more time on the Internet to have online meetings/visits with family and friends, we can look for ideas to decorate our homes find new looks for ourselves, our husbands/boyfriends, our kids, and cute pets, and do some online shopping.

We can do many positive things that before we couldn't because we needed to drive to the office, study or travel.

Let's use this time at home to give our loved one's positives ideas, let's spread love while we are at home. Let's give hope to everybody we know and others we don't know personally that tomorrow will be a better and beautiful day.

We have the capacity to do that. Let's do it!

With Love

La Mode Ariadna

Please When You Leave Your Home, Don't Forget to Wear A Mask. Spread Love ❤️ ❤️❤️